Day 7 In The Gym, Meeting New Friends

Gym day 7 started at 7.15pm with another class. This time Body Vive with Di. A class with a little bit of dance, a little tai chi, some muscle work and some balance. Using a ball, some stringy stretchy thing and a mat. It was a good laugh actually, I expected to fall on my bum during all the balance work, but I found a way of cheating! Get In! The ball is used to gentle tone your arms as you move as you keep squeezing it. After a good session including some rather annoying tummy crunches (i hate them things!!!) It was time for the pool!

I walk to the pool and notice the same group of 16/17 year old lads from last week, great, the youth club is in! So 10 lengths nd time for a quick relax. Oh, I forgot to mention, 3 guys got in the fast lane and started swimming for their lives, more on them later! I got in the sauna with a really hot guy, just the two of us in there, and it really took some self restraint to to jump him, then some skinny girl with a bikini came in, time for me to leave! onto the jacuzzi! mmmn bliss. Some guy slipped on the way in stubbed his toe and very nearly landed on top of me, which i wouldn’t of minded. The jacuzzi took its regular breather so we all had to get out and i headed to the steam room, to find the aforementioned youth club discussing  some designer jeans you cannot wash for 3 months until they mould themselves to your leg or something. WEIRD!

Back into the pool for another 10 lengths (BRRRR) and the 3 guys were still swimming like mentalists. I found out they used to play water polo, whatever that is! After my 10 lengths it was back into the sauna which i noticed was 105 fahrenheit… so nice and warm! Had a quick chat in there about the latest computer virus affecting pc’s and I tried to sound as intelligent as I could. Then onto the jacuzzi where i met some dudes. John was in there, and we got chatting about diving and the lucky bugger has a place in Cyprus so he can dive when he wants! Finally time to get out at 9.40pm – a nice shower with more FREE soapy stuff and im now home, starving with no food in! :(

Oh, i fogot, i met Jane in the changing rooms, and we chatted to each other in very bad spanish, i convinced her to come to the class tomorrow night with me! hurrah, gym buddy!