Day 8 In The Gym – Kids Thrown Out Of Sauna

Day 8 is a while ago now, so my memory wains. But I believe there was something about some small kids being thrown out of the sauna… It was quite amusing as they then continued to give the lifeguard grief for a good half an hour afterwards! I did my usual 10 lengths, jacuzzi, 10 lengths, jacuzzi!

After that I had a quick change and on for a Body Jam session with Di who is soooo funny! She offers maltesers for getting moves right! Just what I like to hear in a gym! I’m suprised how much I like the gym, and to be honest it is mainly down to Di’s classes. She pushes you as far as you want to go, but most of all she makes it fun!

I’m sure there were more exciting things that happened, but i have been asleep since Friday! – Oh they ae advertising for a flamenco taster session! oooh – could be good!