Day 9 In The Gym – Kiddies Party

Day 9 in the gym consisted of waking up at stupid o’ clock on a Sunday and getting to the gym for 9.30am! eek! An hour of body jam with Di soon woke me up though… I thought I would be really good as i had been practicing the routines. Di changed the routine! so i looked as idiotic as ever! After the hour of sweat filled high impact bopping, i headed down to the pool for a swim.

The pool was full of kids and a massive floaty bouncy castle thing, talk about jealous!!! I soooo wanted a go, but alas I’m too big! I tried to do a few lengths in the designated swimming lane but it was really full so i nipped out to the outside pool for 20 lengths. The outside pool is heated to 30 degrees which is great until you get out! brrr! so off to the sauna and jacuzzi i went! After sitting in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes with some parents – yawn! i finally went home!