Death By Bathmat (Well, it could have been!)

A wee while ago now, I purchased a bathmat (yes, a bathmat) it’s one of the mundane things you do when you start getting older. Bathmats, bleach and sink unblocker – it’s a wild world of adulthood. Sometimes it’s all too much and I have to sit down with a warm cup of cocoa.
Anyways, I got a letter through the post a couple of weeks ago warning me of my recent purchase. Apparently Tesco are recalling the said bathmats as they have identified a potential safety issue –

the mat may slip under certain conditions

well – bugger me! That bathmat came out of the bath quicker than I don’t know what. I am taking said ‘weapon’ back to Tesco for a full refund of £3 and shall be spending that on a nice bag of cabbage and some poligrip.