Death Of A Proton

That’s right folks, my lovely lovely proton, that served me… not so well… for 2 years finally died. It was a sad day for not just me, not just Plymouth but the entire nation. That car had been loved by so many, driven by a selected few and desired by the masses!

Since getting the car for Christmas in 2008 the car had a fair amount done to it, new back box, MOT, new windscreen, MOT, new tyres – oh and a complete new engine almost when the head gasket blew on the M1 heading to my parents 50th birthday party! So all in all, a fair amount had been done to it.

When heading back from Red’s party (no age mentioned) my car decided to die, once and for all. I could feel something wasn’t right and so I pulled over, and waited patiently for the recovery driver. Of course there were tears, I was on the M25, it was pissing down with rain and I was trying to get to Julie’s for sunday dinner. GUTTED.

I was handed a sexy outfit by the highways patrol people, see below, then I waited for the truck – Tony and his truck turned up and we set off into the journey back to plymouth :( we stopped off at exeter services and he got me a nice brew! he was a really nice bloke who could see i wasnt just pissed off, i was kinda upset too.

Finally we got home.

22nd Novemeber 2009 – The Proton Got Sick

24th Novemeber 2009 – The Proton Was Pronounced Dead

28th Novemeber 2009 – Certificate Of Destruction Received.

RIP Proton, you served me well old friend.

The sexy outfit given to me by the highways agency motorway people.
Bye Bye Proton! :(
John saying a final farewell
The dint
My beloved proton