Eastenders Need New Writers!

Well, that was a bloody sham. I am a fan of Eastenders, mainly because it makes me feel good about my life, it’s a harsh reminder that there are people in life far worse off than you!  Although I’m sure the point of a soap is to be entertaining, not to make you want to throw yourself in the nearest river!

Tonight’s epidose was an hour special and featured the odd ray of sunshine ‘no boy will ever marry you, you want to know why? becuase you have ginger hair’ good one liner from Dotty!

The main story line was the revelation that Danielle was Ronnies kid, something we all knew for a while. Hurrah, it finally spilled out into the wedding reception and as the bitter argument went on we all screamed at the screen ‘she’s telling the truth’
Eastenders writers, please please please be more inventive, you already killed her off once, she was supposedly drowned or something. Don’t use the dirty den trick – YAWN.

point 1) the car didnt hit her that hard, although I’m not sure just how hard you have to hit someone to kill them in minutes.. but a car driving round a corner would have to have slowed slightly (its a tight bend)

the whole country is in econonmic melt down and in desperate need of something to cheer us all up and what do they do… ruin the only possibly happy story they have had in years. do you think they sit round the table at Eastenders with no other ideas than death or failed marriages. Blimey! A story about re-uniting family who have been through adoption may not be dramatic in their eyes, but it does happen in real life and is a subject that should be covered. They could of done so much with that story line… Dammit, get me a job there, I’ll spice things up no end!

There are already facebook groups and digital spy are giving spoilers away!