Edinburgh Roadshow (AKA My Birthday!)

I’m now officially 24 years of age! Bah! After a disastrous breakfast, Mark, Jason, Chris and myself piled back into the car for jet another mamouth leg of the journey. I have to say, once you get north of Manchester the views are just incredible. Stunning views of the lake district, although we never actually saw the lakes! We had a quick rest stop at a service station which Chris thought was hilarious as its called Tebay (T’ebay as Chris says, like T’internet) Anyway Tebay was fantastic, for a services it was top notch, it even had it’s own farm shop and a selection of CD’s which we all raided for better musical entertainment on the rest of the route.
Stunning ViewTebay
We eventually hit Scotland and more incredible scenery which I was desperately trying to take pictures of as we were moving along. We headed into Edinburgh Airport first of all to pick up Jules, she was delayed getting her luggage so we kept getting moved on, around and around the airport we drove until eventually she appeared, on to the hotel! As it was Edinburgh Fringe the streets were packed with entertainers and bright colours, and traffic. We found the hotel, parked up and jumped out of the car! After listening and singing along to the best song in the world!!! oh yeah!

Upon arrival at the hotel I was presented with a gorgeous bunch of flowers from Red, which were beautiful. Me and Jules headed up to the room where I was treated to another gift! Woo Hoo! Dinosaur paper to boot! I got some scrummy smellies which were perfectly timed as I was FINALLY able to get in the shower! aaah to be clean! It was quite lovely!
After Jules and I got ready, it was then time to head to the first bar where Clarke, Elaine, Dave, Fraser and many others were tucking into some grub and a few drinks. Elaine and Dave gave me a wicked card (there is an in joke there). After some grub and a cocktail we headed off to the venue for the roadshow. There were plenty of people there who kept bringing me wine and cocktails and various other drinks. Even the boss man Mark bought me 3 mt gay and cokes to drink! gah! I even got the birthday bumps (and bruises to go with it) the boys giving me the bumps had a strange method of counting – 1,2,3,4,7,12,24!!! Hurrah! There were then some odd positions with my legs and Jules’ shoulders and things – there are photos, but im not putting them up here!
We headed back to the hotel, via the chippy for chips cheese and gravy!!! ooohhh yeah! Some interesting late night chats with some very drunk people and I headed to bed, to yet another REALLY HOT travelodge, but at least this one was clean! A great breakfast in the morning with everyone before saying goodbye and heading off on the LONG journey home. This is a map of the journey, google maps said -17 hours in total! No wonder we were all wiped out for days after!