Food Intolerances

Bit of a strange post this one.. for the past year or so I have been mostly feeling tired, bloated and stomach achey… Not pleasant, but I have put it down to setting up the business and moving and the such like. Last week I decided enough was enough and ordered myself a York Test. The kit came, i pricked my finger and sent them som blood. The initial test just looks to see if you have any food intollerances, and the full test looks at over 113 different food types to see what you need to reduce/cut out from your diet.

So, my results came back that I am indeed intollerant to some types of food. Although I am yet to take the plunge and pay the £250 to find out what! Instead I’m off to the docs, armed with my letter to see if they can help!

As I’m starting training for the marathon next year, I thought it about time I got my health in order!

York Test