Get Out While You Can

Another late thanks – I’m terrible, I know. Again at Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a book called ‘Get Out While You Can‘. Someone I know in the industry I work in had written a book, and had sent me a copy to read. George Marshall, one of the nicest people in the industry, is someone, admittedly I should talk to more often. When we do talk we get on really well, and George always mentioned writing a book. Well, he did it. He put his mind too it and wrote it!

You can buy a limited copy from Amazon at the moment and through the website and it’s on pre-order at Waterstones

The front page simply reads – Plan A. Work hard at school, secure a good job, set your sights on promotion, climb the corporate ladder, live happily ever after.

Reality check for Plan A. Work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, being condemned to a life of wage slavery, drowning in sea of debt, the poverty of mind and spirit, existing to work.

Plan B. A simple yet revolutionary idea. Get out while you can.

Reviews include – “If you are serious about escaping the rat race, or you just want to make some extra money on the side, then I d highly recommend you buy Get Out While You Can.” –John Crickett, Business Opportunities And Ideas

George Marshall has spent the last six years excavating an escape tunnel that leads directly away from the rat race. He calls it Plan B and he thinks it’s an escape route you might want to explore for yourself. It won’t bring the wage slave society crashing down, but for tens of thousands of people just like you, it may just provide the blueprint for the life of endless possibility that you were born to lead. –

I really enjoyed the ‘live’ examples, and seeing figures, as I find case-studies a lot more inspirational and motivating than simple proof of concept paragraphs of text. – affiliaterich

There are loads more reviews out there… go look them up!

I’m not going to say too much about the book, because if I am honest, I’m only half way through. What I have read is clearly written from the heart, without agenda, in a simple, easy to read way. Knowing George, I know he wrote this to help others, to get his thoughts on paper and to complete a project he started many years ago.

Hat’s off to you George, it’s brilliant – Can’t wait to finally finish it! Thanks so much again for sending me a copy!