Gone Off Tesco Cat Food Makes Me Vomit

When attempting to feed my wee kitty Tinker this morning, I followed my usual steps, move him from my leg (which he likes to climb when he thinks there is food) reach into the box of kitten food, pull out packet, tear off top, put in bowl, watch Tinker devour…
gone off kitten food

This morning was not normal though… look what I found. I literally vommitted on the spot. The smell was so disgusting that I didn’t just heave, but I threw up. I can still smell it now even though I braved picking it up and threw it straight in the bin outside. Honestly, I have never smelt anything so rancid, and I was a student for 3 years! YUK!!! I should point out that I had to don my scuba mask to protect my nose and eyes and to stop further sickness.
rotten cat food

As you can see, it shouldn’t have gone off until Aug 2011…
kitten food

Cheers Tesco for making me vomit, needless to say a complaint is winging it’s way to your customer services team as I type here.