Half Of Team Fun Cause Double The Trouble!

I had the pleasure of my mate Tom coming to visit this weekend. He is half of the famous ‘Team Fun’ which consists of Tom, Lee, Nim Nim and Me!

half-of-team-fun-cause-double-the-trouble-021The festivities began with me picking up Tom at the station at about 3.30pm. Straight back to mine to introduce him to Monkey and to let him loose on my beer collection. I decided to cook something Caribbean to remind us both of our adventures in Barbados, so I got out one of the packets of flavouring I bought when out there. A few peppers, mushrooms and onions and it smelt good. Luckily I had some sour cream in, because although the food smelt great it blew your head off when you tried to eat it. Luckily Tom has a great sense of humour, and despite lashings of sour cream, lime and beer, we both gave up on the salt riddled spicy food.

Outside was blowing a storm so we decided to get a taxi into town, starting off in Mutley Plain. There are no pictures of the first section of the evening as my camera was out of batteries! A quick trip into the Co-Op and the singing cashier handed me 8 batteries! It was “you buy one, you get one free” Whilst in Mutley we had a stop in a pub (can’t remember the name) which was awesome. We soon put the world straight and it was time to move on. The next pub was the pub with ‘toilet cam’ – basically TV screen with revolving CCTV camera pictures including the mens and ladies toilets. Toilet cam is fascinating the longer you leave it through the night. The cheesey dance came on and I was summoned to leave.

Whilst outside waiting for a taxi we discovered a bar we very nearly took a diversion too had a bit of trouble. Apparently some guy had given the barmaid some grief and then took a wee all over the floor next to the bar. Nice!!!

So a short taxi ride later and we hit Varsity for more booze and a large amount of vodka jelly shots! I manged to get the ol’ camera fired up and many pictures were taken! By this point Uncle Roger was beginning to make his appearance felt. We decided to leave the youth club and head to Reflex!

Reflex included lots more booze, plenty more shots including sambucca (most of mine ended up in Tom’s pint – i bloody hate that stuff) We threw some shapes and Uncle Roger was in full flow! I got to the bar where i got us both a souvenir of the evening, for Tom a sparkly red cowboy hat and for me some over sized sunglasses. Now the party began. Tom was quite a hit amongst the local ladies and can be found on random photos throughout the internet I am quite sure. We headed for the revolving dancefloor, and it gets hazy after there!

I decided to show Tom the real highlights of Plymouth so took him to ‘Jesters’  nightclub I have visited before and found myself stuck to the floor. Jesters had its regular supply of pissed up blokes looking for any bit of skirt, and even I got a verey generous offer to ditch Tom and head back to his mates house for a party… I tried arguing the point that Tom also knew how to party, but alas I missed out on this most excellent offer.

After being amused by the guy fast asleep on the dancefloor, we headed for a kebab (possibly the worst I have ever had, I even gave it back to them in disgust. We got a cab home, and this beauty was taken…


I cannot believe I put this up, but some people didn’t believe I had bad pictures!

Anyway, we got home and I headed straight to bed, I say headed, it was more staggered… I left Tom behind sat on the floor with Monkey. A few minutes later and I could hear content snoring… Not long after that some door slamming, then a stagger up the stairs, into my room and he held the duvet down and said night night, almost suffocating me!

During the early hours of the morning I heard a scream followed by “Oh dear God no, Please nooo”in a thick Whitby accent. It scared the living daylights out of me but less than a minute later the snoring came back. I then heard “Argh” which apparently was Monkey licking his elbow. After a wake up call at 7.30am as I had forgotten to turn my alarm off i finally got some sleep!

Tom woke up first and I was greeted by a very chipper “morning”. I slowly grimaced my way downstairs and began working on a nice fry up! Feeling a little better after a plate full of grease we headed out for a whistle stop tour of Plymouth which included the moors, the Hoe and Cap’n Jaspers. My driving isn’t the greatest and I have discovered I have serious lane issues which Tom bore witness too. Apologies for that dude! It was soon time to say bye to Tom and

I promptly came home and napped! A great weekend! Can’t wait for the next one!