How time flies

WOW, it’s been almost a month since I last blogged. My memory is shocking, so I can’t really remember what I have been doing, except working, struggling to walk and some sleep here and there.

Here is a quick re cap

My Knees
Yup, still buggered. I even saw a physio, who said, as you all have, I have done too much. So I took pretty much the whole of April off, which is odd as I lost a load of weight! nice!

My Social Life
Had the parents to stay, had some friends to stay, went out a few times.

My love life
There has been an addition of a man in my life, not saying too much on here, as I know I am breaking many hearts, ha!

Still working for Existem AM –

My sites
As with this one, not been touched for WAAAAY too long

I think thats it, must get back into the flow of a daily update, bad Hannah!