I won, I won! Hurrah – Thanks www.sharemyplaylists.com

I entered a competion on twitter to win a CD by entering a playlist onto http://www.sharemyplaylists.com/ The site is basically designed around Spotify users. If you don’t know what Spotify is then that is basically an online service where you put all your fave songs into playlists and you can play them online. So once you have built your playlist of all your fave tunes you can upload it to sharemyplaylists for others to enjoy, and you can listen to theirs!

I uploaded my gym tracks so that everyone else could get pumped up!

I won a CD of my choice as I had uploaded the song at the right time, as it is mothers day coming I decided to give my prize to my Mummy and got her this CD!

Solid Silver 60’s by Various Artists (Audio CD – 2009)

Big thanks to Kieron and the team at Sharemyplaylists for the CD, my Mum is chuffed!

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