I’m Running The London Marathon! (2013)

Yeah, that’s right – you read that correctly! Me, the one who laughs in the face of all those who exercise let alone run, has not only decided to get fit again… but set an almighty target of running the London Marathon next year! Yes, I know – I am nuts and also have crazy knees, but I am told that losing weight and getting fitter will help with that. I’ll be investing over the next year in serious running attire including trainers that are suitable for running and the such like. I have downloaded a training schedule and am ready to rock and roll!

I have had my place confirmed already as I am running for a charity very dear to my heart, Leukaemia CARE. Papa Swift suffered with Acute Myeloid Leukeamia which is a rare and agressive form of Leukeamia (around 2000 adults a year are diagnosed). So what a better charity to run for!

I’ll be keeping you all up to date with my progress and of course asking you to dip your hands in your pockets soon! 😉

About Leukaemia CARE
Leukaemia CARE
Leukaemia CARE exists to provide vital care and support to all those whose lives have been affected by Leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and the allied blood disorders. Our work extends to the welfare of families and carers, as well as that of patients them- selves. Quite simply, ‘supporting a quality of life for all’.
The incidence and prevalence of blood cancers has increased over the years, and it is
now the 5th most common type of cancer in the UK, with official figures suggesting that around 30,000 people are diagnosed each year with Leukaemia, lymphoma or an allied blood disorder. Leukaemia CARE has therefore developed and expanded an im-pressive range of services to help address the needs of our patients and their families to provide practical care and support in every way we can. Your help is crucial for us to continue this work.