It’s About Time

I often look at my blog and think, I really should get this updated – not that I have people begging to hear what I have been up to, but sometimes it’s quite a cathartic exercise to get down all your thoughts, whether others read them or not.
So what have I been up too? I think what haven’t I been up to is more of an apt statement.
Since launching the business back in September things have gone from strength to strength, I now have people working for me on a part time basis, solicitors, a business mentor and accountants and am currently in the process of renting office space to house my mini empire. Although I will miss not having to put proper clothes on every day! I do like a good pair of joggers!
Aside from the business I’m back diving – I try to get to the pool once a week with a monthly jaunt out into the cold waters of the UK and yes… they are cold!!! I’m having a great time diving again, it’s such a loveable sport. Great people and I get out of the house! I never thought me and sports would be happy in each others company, but seemingly scuba is the one for me!
Oh, I also had all my hair cut off in an attempt to be trendy – I’ll let you know how that works out for me!

I suppose really that’s all that can be said apart from a fairly unlikely promise to try and update this blog more often… *slaps wrists* MUST TRY HARDER!