Late Christmas Thanks – All Up And On

I know it’s bloody late, very bloody late in fact, and for that – I apologise! I went home for Christmas to see my gorgeous nephew and the rest of the Swift Clan. What was waiting for me was a gift from one of my clients – All Up And On Andy, Jo and Co had very kindly sent me a laptop cushion. What you may think is a strange gift, is actually the perfect gift for me! Not only do I spend far too much time on my laptop, but I spend that time either sat on the sofa, or in bed.
Bosign Laptop Pillow in Black

So What Exactly Is It?

A cotton black rectangular cushion with a set of oversized black silicone buttons to rest your laptop on to prevent slipping and to allow air to circulated to prevent the laptop overheating and your knees getting too hot!

Made from 100% cotton with a machine washable cover, this slim cushion takes up very little space so is easy to store when not in use.

I tell you what, even as I use it now, I can’t help but admire it. No more burning legs or sitting leaning over the laptop. This nifty little cushion sorts it all out.It’s got beady things in the middle like a bean bag, so you can shift them around to fit more comfortably too, especially if you sit with one leg on the sofa like me!

Thanks Jo, Andy and Co!