Life’s a funny old thing

Well, it is isn’t it. Who would have thought that a volcano obsessed skinny teenager would have been on amazing trips to various countries, would have left her ‘career’ in Geology and would now be working in online marketing. Madness. I always swore blind i’d never do anything but chase volcanoes making amazing docmentaries, saving lives – heroic David Attenborough stuff – that was what I was destined for. A few ‘wrong’ choices here and there and what can I say – here I am.

So, I’m now 25, moving speedily towards 26 and I’m the owner of 1.5 cats (see previous posts for more on that). I live exactly 273 miles away from home and it seems like all of my nearest and dearest are getting married or popping out babies (or both)! Me I’m still trundling along in my singledom waiting for my Prince Charming – as I think most girls do to a certain extent! Damn you Disney!

And so – the reason for my blog post, the thing some of you may have guessed by now. I’m leaving EAM, leaving Plymouth and heading home! That’s right campers! After almost 3 years here – I decided that it was time for me to pack up my troubles in my old kit bag, and run off back to Mummy and Daddy Swift. Since I moved here I became an Auntie and have missed the first few years of many of my closest friends, childrens lives. I have missed weddings and divorces, illnesses and most of all my family.

I’m doing something that to be honest I have been quite snobbish about in the past. I said I would never move home, never go back to the small town I grew up in, but at least for the time being, that’s where I’ll be. Luckily/Unluckily for me, I had a car crash earlier this year which meant i had some cash hanging around, it also made me reconsider life. Although the crash was by no means bad, it was enough to shake me.

Work you might ask? As gutted as I am to be leaving EAM, after 3 years, it’d be hard not to be a little upset – let’s face it. I have to go! So I’m being brave/stupid and moving without any work to go to. I have a little cash set aside to pay my way, and hopefully my lovely parents will not charge me too much in rent! (I know you read this Dad, so take the hint :) )

All I will say for now is;

– Thanks for reading
– Keep in touch
– Watch this space!

Hannah xxx