Manchester A4U Roadshow Roundup!

What an amazing few days! The second and final a4uexpo roadshows were in Manchester then Edinburgh, and fell right over my 24th Birthday! Yes I know I look older, but anyway! Mark the boss man decided he would drive us in his car, all the way to Manchester, then on to Edinburgh, then all the way back, which is where I am currently writing this from.
We left the office at 10.15 am on Tuesday morning, before heading over to get Jason from Easy Content Units. We then headed up to Bristol to get A4U Expo’s very own Chris Johnson! We were picking him up from a roundabout and the bugger was late so we spent quite some time going round and round two different roundabouts, getting VERY dizzy before he finally turned up (wearing pajamas!). There were some strange music choices which involved Oasis, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond, and any other random act you can think of! The highlight for me was the whole cast recording of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat! Chris was less impressed!
We hit some traffic joining the M6 from the M5, and eventually Mark turned off and we followed his Sat Nav, voiced by John Cleese, round the back rounds until we finally arrived in Manchester at around 3.15. I breifly saw my parents who were travelling home from Liverpool and had bought burgers for the boys but not me :(, then it was into the hotel room for a quick change and straight back out again! The hotel room will be a whole new blog post! YUCK!
We were all starving after our journey so instead of going for dinner, we headed straight out for Nando’s! mmmn Nando’s! Neither Mark, Jason or Clarke from Paid on Results had eaten Nando’s before, so what a treat for them! Myself and Chris are veterans so we were chuffed to be eating one of our favourite foods. After devouring our respective chickens we headed off to the venue to find the guys from CJ already outside waiting for us! And so the partying began! CJ had kindly sponsored the bar so the 80 or so people were drinking for free! hurrah! It was awesome to finally meet people I had chatted to through facebook, and the a4u forum and twitter for the past few years! It’s a bizarre world I work in whereby most of my close friends I have only met once or twice! I manged to get through a couple of wines before insulting Alex from ASAP Ventures. When he said he was from Buenos Aires, and I said ‘thats in Cuba’! Knowing fill well it isnt, its Argentina! Stupid me! I love the musucal Evita, so what i was thinking, i really dont know! Myself and Lee McCoy drank the bars tiny stash of Mount Gay before being forced to drink other rums… yuk! I should thank him for buying me a Plymouth Gin and tonic for my birthday (which he said he will be expensing)! Helen from the it guide came out with a great idea of getting her wedding sponsored, so we had a mini plot of what we could get sponsored! God, it was a random night and it hadnt even begun!
Many people began dribbling off to various bars with shots or strippers or both but as we were travelling we all decided to go and get some food, so off we headed to China Town. We found a Chinese and myself, Chris, Mark, Jason, Darren from Linkshare and Steve from the Gift Experience headed inside. The food was, erm, not the best and I’m thankful I only ordered a starter for my main course. Now, as I was with 5 boys and it was minutes away from being my 24th Birthday I felt I would have to ask for my own cake. Which I did! They didn’t have any cake, but the nice waitress took it upon herself to find me something! So after the meal, the lights dimmed, the crazy Chinese happy birthday song came on and out she came with an icecream witha candle and an ‘ice fountain’ (which my client, Night Sky Lanterns sell).
Ice Fountains
After all the excitement, we decided to walk home, following Jasons directions… never again. We ended up having a major trek around Manchester and we must have passed the hotel at least 3 times before we finally got inside! Straight to bed to catch a crazy Ben Fogle programme on the Peak District and I was asleep.
minging bath
The next morning, I couldn’t shower as my bath had stuff growing in it, I headed downstairs for breakfast, which was yet another major FAIL… There were a few broken faces that morning as I attempted to get breakfast! It was then time to set off on the next part of the journey, up to Edinburgh!