Monkey And The Fox

Firstly, there is a reason there is no picture on this post. Why? Because if I had taken a picture of the following tale, it would be too graphic to put on here. You have been warned.

A few weeks ago now (a Sunday), Monkey came in from playing outside and was all of a sudden very clingy, not wanting to leave my side. This is very strange for Monkey. The next day I went to work as usual (only to be sent home with the Swine Flu, more on that in a separate post) and Monkey had not moved from the sofa and was continually licking around her back end. Thinking nothing of it and heading for bed I left her too it.

A few days passed and I caught Monkey still licking. At this point (given her refusal to go outside too) I was concerned. I should mention that she would growl when you stroked her near her tail. Thinking she had been hit by a car and had maybe broken her tail I began to crap my pants. I’m ill, Christmas is coming and I dont want huge bills from the vet, or even worse a very sick cat.

By chance, the little bugger turned around and I managed to catch a glimpse of a sore patch on her bottom type area. She wasnt happy with me looking so I left her too it, and stayed on the sofa with her to try and stop her licking any more.

The next day we headed to the vets to see what the damage was, I feared the worst thinking it could be very serious with x-rays and the such like – poor mr bank…

The vet took Monkey into a room on her own and after a while called me in to look (if I had the stomach). She had cleaned up the wound and had shaven the hair surrounding. I have a strong stomach but even that made me feel ill. My poor baby had a gaping wound in her bottom about the size of the base of a mug (guestimate there) …

Something had bitten her (probably the Sunday), it had bitten through the muscles and it had gotten badly infected. Before anyone starts, there was no way I could have known, and the vet said so herself. Trust me, I beat myself up properly! My poor baby was too infected for stitches, so off we went with an almighty dose of painkillers and antibiotics, and yet another collar!

After a few days I took her back for a check up and more antibiotics and a quick clean up. Luckily she was making progress so no stitches were required just yet! PHEW!

2 weeks later and she was finally ready to have her collar off, it fully healed (leaving a nice scar) and she was able to go outside and play again, no stitches, just a whacking great bill from the vet and some very graphic images I will never remove from my brain.

From talking to the vet and knowing the surrounding area it looks like Monkey was being her usual aggressive self when something bigger had a pop. She went to run away and the bugger bit her bum! Judging by the size of the wound it was not another cat but most probably a fox or dog!

So watch out foxes, Monkey is back with a vengeance!