More Friends To Visit… Godly!

Bit late in writing this, but hey! I have been busy!

Some friends Jay and York-Sea came to see me last Friday! They arrived a little early so I sent them into town to have a snoop whilst I finished up at work. Come 4pm, it was home time (well, I left early) and off we all trundled to mine!

We all settled in before Jay decided he wanted to WALK (What??) to Tesco to grab some bits and bobs, then a stop at the chippy for tea! Hurrah for chippies! We soon settled in for Red Nose Day and watched the un-funny pap.

Bed time and morning soon arrived and we decided what to do for the day. To the relief of my ears neither of them wanted to do much but aimlessly potter, so we headed up to the moors and boy was it STUNNING. It is magical up there. Photo’s just dont sum it up. The sun was shining, I was with some great mates and the scenery was FAB. Oh, and there were ponies and rocks to play with! We had a brilliant walk up the moors and down again before heading down into town.

Into town for a potter, and we obviously picked up a tasty pasty (although I hate them, I had one anyway!) and we went in all the weird odd shops full of tat. Me and York-Sea were in heaven as Jay grumbled his way round behind us.

We strolled up to the Hoe which in the sun is incredible, truly gorgeous. We climbed to the top and the views just got better, I have to say the climb was pretty scary, I have no clue how the people actually lived there! A few too many whiskies and you would be in trouble!

We then pottered along the big wall stopping to skim stones, obviously! and for an ice cream. Mine was turkish delight and marshmallow, talk about orgasmic! Devon ROCKS!

Yet another Captain Jaspers, and no I still cannot manage a jasperizer! I shall defeat you one day oh burgery goodness!

We spotted some amusing signs offering fishing trips, singles in Plymouth and a personal fave in a cafe window – hippies use side door… We didn’t venture in!

Home time for some grub and a chill out.

Day 2 and we all got up early, got prettied up and headed to mass. Jay is a Roman Catholic and we all went with him to mass. I have to say, mass gives me tingles. I love the singing and the chanting, I just dont agree with the tosh the Priest says. But we can argue that case for hours!

We then headed round to Mount Batten, where I learnt to dive. I managed to pick up my official PADI card, that proves I can do it, before we strolled out onto the breakwater. We were once again blessed with stunning weather and there was a beautiful view out to sea (Plymouth Sound) and even better – THREE ships were in, meaning boys all over town! hurrah! We grabbed some food before heading back and York-Sea and Jay had to go :(

All in all a great weekend, relaxing, fun and beautiful, you two can come again!