My Dog The Bounty Hunter Obsession

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am totally in love with Dog The Bounty Hunter and co – I spend my weekends awaiting the few hours they are on and then patiently watch the episodes, even those I have seen before! Many don’t understand him and what he does and question my taste – I say – watch it! I recently converted someone to become a small fan, and will work on him to ensure he becomes fully fledged!
Dog and his family are just fabulous, hilarious and they have a great family unit alongside the brilliance of what they do for the people they hunt down and capture! I’d love to just cuddle him and his wife Beth – legends!

I recently discovered whilst reading their tweets – a number of things –

1) because dog has been in jail – he isn’t allowed in the UK – wtf!

2) They have a SHOP!!! WOOO – I know what I am getting myself for Christmas this year! Oh yeah – I’m going to get me fully kitted out!