My Exciting News!

It’s finally time to reveal my exciting news, I have been teasing you for a few now, so here you go;

You are looking at the latest presenter to join the team at Hospital Radio Plymouth! I go live with my show on Wednesday (all being well) from 6pm onwards!
So where did this all come about? Well I used to have a radio show at University, so it’s something I have already been keen on, and something I always wanted to get back into, it’s just been a case of time, and where and when.
So why now? Well, I have recently been inspired by people I regard as friends who have been giving generously to deserving charities. Chris and Mark have both been on Secret Millionaire and their stories and what they have been able to do spurned me into realising that I do have some free time, and that it should be spent helping those who need it.
Hospital Radio Plymouth provides entertainment to the patients of Derriford Hospital, The Royal Eye Infirmary and the wider community through our radio station and Showstage facilities.
They have been on air and taking requests since 1969! I can’t even begin to imagine all the people they have broadcast too in that time, and more importantly, made a difference to. My father was in hospital for 6 months with Leukaemia, and although I don’t think he listened to Hospital Radio (a different hospital – so not sure if they even had it there) I know that a friendly voice, mixed with some fabulous music would have lifted his spirits and those of many others.

I don’t really want to preach, but I think everyone should be inspired to give a little back, to really help those in need, from just a little smile to a real belly laugh. After all in this case, laughter really might be the best medicine!

Needless to say, I’ll be updating my blog with news of how I am getting along with the show and all the fundraising for them I hope to be getting involved with, so keep reading!