My First 5.5k * (307 Days To Go)

*as a mix of running and walking as per my training schedule! Don’t get too excited just yet!

After my induction, admittedly my legs were sore – I didn’t do a lot but boy oh boy did my legs hurt for the next few days. So today I headed back. Starting with a 40 min swim (30 lengths of 25m) during which time I realised that I need a nose clip and I need to learn how to swim properly without flailing about with wide open hands and random frog kicks. Scuba is so much easier!!!

Then after a pointless shower I headed up to the dreaded gym…

I managed a massive 5.2k by walking 400m then running 400m repeatedly. I think had it not been for various leg muscles deciding they had had enough, I could have carried on. I have seriously impressed myself. At not just my physical fitness but at my mental strength too. There were a couple of runs where my legs were hurting and I could feel cramp setting in, but I carried on. I know I’m going to hurt tomorrow! A few more goes at the 5k and hopefully I’ll have loosened off some muscles so I can run for longer!

Hurry up waterproof mp3 player! I need you!

Here is my training schedule…

Here is evidence of how far I went (had to take it before i finished at 5.2k)

Here is how long it took