My First Gym Experience: 01/01/09

I have been looking to tone up and get back down to a size 8/10 for quite some time now, so I finally took the plunge yesterday and joined a gym. The place is HUGE with an indoor and outdoor pool, 8 tennis courts, badminton courts, squash courts, full gym with weights (should i bodybuild? ha ha ha) studios for classes etc etc… oh and a costa coffee, bar and restaurant!

So I went for the first time today – just for a swim as my full induction isn’t until Sunday. I managed 20 lengths at 25m a length, which may not sound much but for someone who doesn’t really swim and prefers to be under the water is quite something. I stupidly however had mascara on (i had to have my piccy taken as part of the membership today – stops people ‘borrowing’ your swipe card) – so even with goggles on i looked like a panda.

Anyway, I think some guy checked me out whilst over taking me on a length, which is nice, i mean it is always nice to be checked out, it is almost worth the £57.00 a month for that alone! There were some hotties around (bonus!)… I also saw the hairiest man I have ever seen, it was quite a quilt of hair on his back and shoulders and chest!

So here are some of the highlights;

  • you get your £1 back from the lockers
  • They have this crazy ‘dry your swimming costume machine’ – so much fun!!!
  • FREEEEEE shower gel that smells scrummy
  • FREEEEEE hair drying facilities (a long mirror with loads of hair dryers and chairs)

I actually found myself drying my hair and applying makeup as I left!

Only problem is – I’m gonna have to start shaving my legs more often! :s

Swimming Pool