My Goals For 2010 – Finally published!

Way way back at the beginning of the year I started the below post… As you can see, I only got so far and didn’t really explain many of the points. I found this draft when cleaning up this website so thought now was a good as time as any to reflect on the last few months!
Here is the original post:-

A few people have written blog posts on their goals for 2010, I realise I’m a little late with writing mine, but I have been busy.

So here are my goals,

1. See a dentist – it’s been too long!
2. Spend some time with my nephew – only met the wee laddy once!
3. Buy a new bed – £40 frame on the last one and a 10 year old mattress = sore back
4. Do my next diving course – £275 to save!
5. Have a spring clean – I have far too much ‘stuff’
6. Update this blog more often – I’m lazy, I know!
7. Slow down – last year flew by without me noticing, I want to slow down and enjoy 2010

So what of the above did I actually do?

1. I registered with one if that counts?
2. Check – he even came to stay for the weekend, and has made me rather broody!
3. I bought a sofa instead when I am often found sleeping
4. Check! Although I haven’t really been out since – it’s an expensive and weather dependant hobby!
5. Check!
6. Hmn, not really sure I have updated that much this year, but I’m running out of interesting things to say!
7. Nope! The years just seem to keep on flying by!
8. No idea what this was, so I have no idea if I did it or not!

So there you go, some completed, some not!

Here is to the next few weeks in the hectic run up to Christmas, fingers crossed I’ll publish my actual goals for 2011 on time!