My Holiday!

Here is a quick round up of my holiday…

Erm, can’t really remember to be honest… It’s gone so quickly, that’s always the way though! I think I spent most of it next door with Terri and Martyn, my most awesome neighbours and their doggy Oakley! Friday night was celebrating being on holiday so we had a few drinks. It had been Terri’s graduation that week so her family were down. I had a migraine so went home after a bottle of bubbly (shared) and then had a good sleep.

Saturday they had a small gathering, so once again i frequented their lovely home.

Sunday, erm… I think I was probably round there again… I usually am – It helps that they feed me and make a perfect cuppa.

I woke up on Sunday feeling like someone had twatted me in the eye (more on this later)

Monday I had a good clean round as I had invited Terri and Martyn to mine for food. It felt just like come dine with me! I made spanish chicken with some veg and roasties, then home made apple crumble and custard. I expect full marks and the grand! lol
By Monday my eye was really throbbing…

Tuesday – vegetation to the extreme! Then i sorted some bills etc etc, bought car tax (oh how fun) then had an argument with virgin who had been charging me twice a month for 6 months! (note to self – check bank statements more closely)
I got Terri to check my eye over a brew and it was confirmed as being swolen!

Weds – Had a lazy day – Went to see the doctor who said its a gland in my eye thats all pooped. It should go away in it’s own time… Also saw an optician! I took advantage of the free Tesco eye tests… I even treated myself to some value glasses – a BARGAIN at £40 all in, lenses the works… They start at £20 all in but I didnt want to seem tight fisted!
The optician confirmed the greasy producing gland in my tear duct that keeps my lashes healthy was being twatty and advised warm compresses…
dodgy eye

So thats my holiday… I was supposed to dive on mon and weds, but due to my sorry state of an eye, i didnt… :(

I caught up on lots of TV, stayed away from my computer, and chilled a little, hard to chill with a painful eye!

So I am back to work in the morning… back to the grindstone.

Peace out, I’m off to sleep!