My Hydrofacial Thanks To Radio Plymouth and Refresh Southwest

So, as many of you know, I’m a huge fan of local radio station Radio Plymouth – they are fairly new to my ears, but they play a great selection of music – including my beloved Muse. Oldies, goodies, less goodies and new songs are a plenty, with a great selection of hosts throughout the day. Starting with Robin and his mystery voice competition – which I am yet to win. Then on to Tim with his lunch time teaser – I win this alot – Tim’s a legend. I must point that out. Then onto Simon with not one, but two competitions – Spot the plot (or guess the movie from the trailer description) then the one we all look forward to in the office – Topical Track – Simon gives you a random news story and you pick a song to go with it.

A few weeks ago now the competition was on to win a Hydrofacial from Refresh Southwest. I was lucky enough to win, and tonight I redeemed my prize.

I headed off after work into town, and found the place first time, which is unusual for me. I was early (I’d given time for getting lost) – Instead of sitting in the car I decided to head on it – I was greeted by a funky, clean reception where a really friendly guy (sorry, didn’t get your name) was extremely polite and helpful. They had a TV screen on the wall which looked like it had a video of skin on it – I didn’t spend much time looking at it as I was soon whisked away into a treatment room.

Nikki was fabulous from the outset – She looked smart and clean and very young for her age – so the stuff she does must work!!! She soent time looking at my skin to evaluate me for the treatment – she said I have very good skin (Your cheque is in the post Nikki) She then explained all the stages of the treatment and showed me the machine and what it would feel like on my face. She also assured me that no one had ever had a reaction too it. She’s been doing it for 2 years. I joked that I probably would now, so she told me if I did, I’d be in a magazine as a case study!

The premis is, it sucks all the dirt from your skin, 7 layers deep upwards – so its a real good clean. Then you have antioxidants put back on the skin. It feels quite strange, not scratchy, I guess like having a big thick pen rubbed on your face. It’s not a bad feeling at all, but than as Nikki said, it isn’t a traditional facial – it’s a medical procedure of sorts… So it’s not supposed to be relaxing. Even though it was. You can see pictures of Simon from Radio Plymouth having his done here.

After spending time on the first part, she then went on to focus on my nose, which she said was little (again, cheque in the post) this part was slightly more sore, as well, its your snoz. Blackheads removed she then went on to put the antioxidant on, and about 40 mins later I was all done.

Slightly red, and a little stingy, here are the results.
The Stuff That Came Out Of My Face – skin, blackheads and froth (my frothyness was random – no reaction, but froth)
Nose Close Up

My face does feel odd – after close inspection you can see that it has worked, the little annoying black heads we all have on our noses are almost gone, and my face seems all refreshed and new – glowing almost.

I don’t think it’s something I would spend £100 on as I won’t even spend a fiver on decent cleanser – but I would recommend it to others.

Best of all Nikki confirmed my suspicions (well, gave me reason to continue being lazy) – You should just wash your face in water – all the soaps and moisturisers and the such like just clog your face! Hurrah! As someone who is too lazy to take care of my skin, I was chuffed. She also said you should check your sun creams to ensure they contain Zinc!!!

Thanks Radio Plymouth and Refresh Southwest!!!

You can see more/bigger pics here on my facebook…