My Top Ten A4U Expo Bits – In No Particular Order

A4U Expo London 2010 – what a blast! It was a great opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, party hard (although not in my case) and learn loads about the industry I love! The new venue was great (although the walking to it wasn’t) and it was a really great, if knackering few days! I thought I’d pop down a few of my favourite bits – in no particular order!

1. The peroni glasses – there may have been some ‘borrowing involved here’ – soooo funny! the challenge was to get 4 – we got 6 – so many happy faces all round – now to get them to the other side of the world!

2. The photo booth – some absolute classics taken – I had a load taken with some very dear friends which I will now treasure! Some comedy genious pics taken too – although a health and safety warning must be given too for any necks using the machine!

3. The speed networking – Absolutely brilliant – A great chance to meet a number of affiliates and get their business cards – cracking!

4. The sausage and mash – The food was great this year – a hot meal at lunch to keep you going on a busy stand! nom nom nom! – The below pic is neither sausage or mash – but just too funny to leave out!

5. The freebies – some awesome free things given out including post it notes, pens, sweets, bags, screen cleaners, chalk mugs, normal mugs, chocolates, notebooks and so much more! Brilliant!

6. The sleeping stairs incident – *snigger* – Someone got tired and took a nap on the spiral stairs – *snigger*

7. The nipple tassles – There are no more words needed here than just – nipple tassles – they kept me and a few others entertained for a good few days after the event!

8. My Friends – I’m not going to name everyone here, because there are too many – needless to say the people know who I’m talking about when I say they all made it very special – many laughs, some good chats and a really great time had together!

9. Graham requesting then knowing all the dance moves to ‘all my single ladies’ – That’s all you need to know about that – well, OK, Graham decided to request abit of beyonce, so he steamed on up to the dj, on came the song and lo and behold – he knew all the dance moves! Legend!

10. The EAM Appartment – We all stayed together this year, in what turned out to be the affiliate pre and post party zone! It was great being with the team and having a sofa and tv to chill too! Awesomeness!