My Trip To London…

The Journey
My trip to The Big Smoke started on Wednesday night when I returned battered and bruised from the gym late into the evening. A quick cuppa and a tidy round, then upstairs to pack my bags. I cleverly stood on something really sharp and made a massive gash in my foot, which then bled everywhere and hurt – ALOT. This injury will re-appear later in the visit. I finally nodded off at about 3am, and woke at 6am to have a bath, dye my hair and get in the taxi ready to head to London.

The taxi ride was awesome, despite being barely awake, I was given some wicked history about Plymouth and in particular my favourite place, Crapstone (Geologists will understand the humour). Apparently it used to be a runway up there in the war! Awesome. Surprisingly the 25 minute taxi ride only cost me £10! Bargain!

It was freezing on the train station platform and I also remembered why wearing a dress and heels is never a good idea for travelling! There were loads of kids on the train all discussing the latest fashions and who fancied who, you will never guess who is going out with such and such… Mind numbingly boring stuff, that I confess at one stage discussed too with the highest importance. The lady across from me put her MP3 Player on loudly then fell asleep, so i suffered ts ts ts ts ts SNORE ts ts ts ts for a good 3 hours! There was also a guy sat behind me who sounded like Del Boy on helium, he was buying a house, but it has a 30 year old crack so he wanted 5k off and lots of photos… SHUT UP! Every time he called someone it was “I’m on a train, it may cut out” Like they care!

After a few hours my laptop died leaving me alone with nothing but my scuba diving magazine and some irn bru. Stupidly I thought all train plug sockets were on the side next to your feet. Alas, I was sadly mistaken and discovered all of 2 minutes before getting off the train that they were in fact in the middle of the seats in front by your feet. Which to be fair had been covered by my bags.

My Arrival
So I land at Paddington and once again the high heels were a big mistake! I went off for some lunch with my hubby Matt (not really my hubby, just one of my bestest ever mates). A quick bite that was literally 3 macdonalds sized chips and a soft drink and it was time for me to head off to the Institute of Directors and meet Bruce, one of my bosses. After a little ‘navigation issue’ we found the place and headed inside for our meeting. Bruce was a true gentleman and carried my bags for me too! It was a really good meeting, I even got a cuppa with home made biscuits! Awesome! The place was really posh and even had a sofa in the ladies! The meeting ran over so we missed something we were supposed to attend and had to head straight to our next meeting.

The next meeting was with Andrew from Webgains, who is a legend! He plied me with booze as any decent person should, but bearing in mind no real food for 2 days, excessive gym and stress about lugging myself all over London, the wine hit hard and hit fast. Sorry Andrew, I can usually handle my booze better! Needless to say you are a legend! I cleverly left my bag (with clean clothes and laptop) with Andrew to pick up later as I headed to a gig.

The Streets or not…
I headed off to Brixton to see The Streets perform, I was really rather drunk at this point and to be honest it’s kinda blurry! Me and Ray met up with Red and her friend only to discover the gig had been cancelled due to a power failure… Lies I tell you Lies, it turns out Mike Skinner had injured himself crowd surfing so had to cancel. It’s ok though Mike, I’d forgive you anything (swoon). So we grabbed a quick Maccy D’s (thanks for my happy meal Ray! including mini Twister game!)me and Ray then decided to go and get drunk instead.

n734275411_2490167_2513We heading to Leicester Square to a cocktail bar, after passing ‘comedy man’ – more on him later… I asked the girl at the bar to make us 2 suprises. Not a clue what was in the drinks, but they were nice… I was forced into taking photo’s of his lordship, whilst he decided what he wanted to do when in the heart of London. A meal, cinema, comedy man, ice cream, you name it… But no, he wanted to gamble – yawn!!! So I was dragged into a ruddy casino! I pondered the floor in a bored state, and decided to exact my revenge by asking a multitude of weird questions. I had at this point completely come out of my drunken state and was instead bored and fed up. The injured foot was also giving me greif.

At some point between entering the casino and leaving it had gone past midnight, and I checked my phone to realise Andrew had gone home to bed with my stuff. DOH! Luckily I spent a few years in London so have a few friends around. To top the night me and the gambler decided to head to China Town for a quick bite to eat. A nice lady came in and offered his lord ship a rose for his wife! WTF!!! She gave me a yellow rose anyway, mainly because I’m nice!

Day 2
Ok, just realised how long this post is so I will keep this brief!
Day 2 began with a shower and a trek to Holborn, then to Waterloo to meet Andrew to get my stuff. Whilst waiting I got checked out by a random and saw a z list celeb, i think he used to present newsround or something… I used to travel into Waterloo everyday for over a year so it was quite weird seeing my old eating places (when drunk on the way home) and the bus stop for the 243 bus! Ahhh the memories! I went to get changed in Waterloo and had to pay 30p for the privilege. A quick wash and change and I was ready to ride the Northern Line to Hendon.

I had a great meeting up there with one of my clients – MobilePhoneXChange. I even got picked up and dropped off at the Station!

After an hour and a bit there it was back to Central to meet my buddy Darren from Linkshare! We had an awesome lunch and discussed all the finer points of London in heels! It was good grub and surprisingly cheap for where we were! Cheers Darren!

Then onto Hammersmith for CAP where I saw loads of people I hadn’t seen in a while! The guys over at Existem left me in charge of their stand as they went for a meeting, so I gave stuff away and talked business with people, then had a few wines, and a few more! 😉 I headed up to the Bingo awards for some free food and booze and then pretty much headed home (after loosing my ticket in the bottom of my bag).

4 hours back in 1st Class (thanks boss for booking me that) a free can of coke, some passing in and out of the living world and I was back at the station, where 3 men decided to leave me stranded instead of offering me their cabs… Where is the love? Finally got home and passed out for 13 hours!

Thanks and Stuff
It was great to see everyone so thanks to Bruce, Andrew, Ray, Red, Darren, Matt, Chris, Claire, Ingrid, Tommy Q, Byker Grove Geoff, Nadeem, J Lil, Ken, Jon Shannon, Jo, Purple, Sam, Dom… I missed people there I am sure…

And sorry I missed you to Krys, Jo, David, Dirk and all the other London bods!