My Very Own Barbados Round Up

Coming home with 34 insect bites, planeflu and mild sun burn, it really is no wonder I wasn’t my usual self this time around. When you have itches and bites like mine were, it’s hard to concentrate on anything but how nice it would be to itch yourself into an itching stupor! So apologies to all of you who suffered my wrath, i’m still itchiung now if it makes you feel better! It was once again an incredible trip and even further cemented my desire to emmigrate over there and live out my days in factor 50+ suncream! So a huge thanks to AF, the boss man and the other 53 people for making it possible and such a hoot. Here are my top 5’s and a longer version for all you insomniacs out there!
barbados cranes beach
Top 5 moments
1) The Night Dive
2) The Other Dives
3) The Snorkelling
4) Sat on the front of the Catamaran
5) The rumball rally, I managed not to kill people with my driving, tried my best like!
(6) I became an aunty too! )

Top 5 worst moments
1) The bites
2) The jellyfish stings (no i did not get peed on)
3) The sun burn
4) The planeflu
5) The street meat poisoning

Warning – Only read on if you are struggling to sleep!

For some time now I have been wanting to write about why Barbados means so much to me, and to many others. I have wanted to put it down in words since I got back last year, so here goes…
I have kinda touched on it before but 13 months ago i was fed up. I was in a job I hated, facing people who just didnt get affiliate marketing. Then out of the blue a very nice man known by the name of Chris Clarkson put a spare Barbados ticket on the forum. I thought feck it, I’m gonna have a go for that. I started a whole campaign of various reasons why I felt I should go, stayed up all night, waited and eventually got the msn message! Hurrah! i had 2 days to pack!

So, I got on the plane with Nim Nim and Frostie and still couldn’t fathom what was going on. Getting off that plane and realising that actually yes, I was there was a moment I will never forget, along with nearly being thrown straight back off again for taking pictures of the plane!

Anyway, I digress. That week of drinking, more drinking and just a little bit more drinking taught me a few lessons about the world we work and live in. Making such good friends in affiliate marketing helped me understand that it was what I did to help them that fed them. There I was with a fixed income, nothing to worry about, yet some affiliates do not know what they will earn one month from the next (granted most earn more in a month, than I in a year, but still) So, I changed my work ethic and realeased that without meeting these people and understanding their wants and needs as individuals but more importantly as human beings not websites then I would never get on in my job.

Not long after I moved jobs and location and now I’m as happy as larry.

turtle barbados snorkellingOn a less work related note, my very first experience of scuba diving was in Barbados with the friendly guys at eco dive. Needless to say I have been hooked on it ever since! I got my PADI qualification with In Deep in October and due to the weather have not managed to dive that much. So as soon as I woke on the first morning this year, on went the fins mask and snorkel and off I went to get my sea legs back. I faced a few battles with some btard jellyfish, but saw some incredible sites including my very first turtle of the year. I was chuffed to bits to get a couple of really good dives in on one day, the first with the newbee’s the second with just a few of us and boy did we see some sites! You name it we saw it. This year we dived with guys at Roger’s Scuba Shack! They were awesome! Myself, Alex and Mark (from the shack) went on a night dive too!

I will be honest i was crapping myself as the sun went down and everything became pitch black! just the three of us underwater with torches facing the depths and the unknown, it was like the’famous five’ or something. We went round a wreck and over some reefs and all the scary shit came out. Crazy crabs (they were shagging) some funky lobsters, phosphorescence and various fishies and a mahoosive tentacle of an octapus that had just devoured 4 or 5 conches! fat btard!

Obviously the diving was the highlight of the week, that and catching up with the 10 other people who went last year, and the 44 who were stuck on an island with me, and they could not escape! mwah ha ha!
alex diving rogers scuba shack

I have rambled for far too long now and most if it probably isnt even in English! The main point is that Barbados is far from just a holiday, it can be a life changing experience, where you will do things you may not do again and will meet friends who will stay your friends for a long time to come! You’ll also do some business! tee hee, should mention that part!

I will shut up now, as I am already banned from saying *Barbados* in the office, in fact every time I do – people ‘ding me’

Thanks again all!

Ragga Ragga

Boobs x