New Years Day 2009 – Monkey On Heat!

Well, I unlike many people went to work on New Years Day… It was either that or sit moping at home!

As I mentioned before Monkey is currently on heat for the first proper time, and although this may sound mean, i am mildly amused by it all! She is basically wailing all night (hence the bags under my eyes) and lifting her bum in the air. She has all the symptoms, but the one that really makes me giggle is when she continually licks and cleans her ‘area’ you might be wondering why this is funny? Well Monkey has a strange habit, if she smells something she does not like she opens her gob and pulls the funniest face, its disgust personified. Anyway, I also should mention that when I went to the party on NYE, i left a small amount of Chicken Bhuna in a dish, and when i came back it had gone… Funnily enough monkey is also suffering in the bottom area… I wonder where that Bhuna went…. So – Monkey is cleaning and pulling faces continuously, if you have met Monkey you will understand the hilarity of the facial expression!

I just have to decide whether to get her done, or breed her now, my mum reckons she has some pedigree in her, as she has lovely markings, is small for a cat and has nice eyes, I’m no expert but she is very pretty!