Possibly The Best Drink In The World

A few weeks back now, I went to Leeds to meet with a client, the journey back was some what disastrous, but more on that another time. Before heading home I met with some of the funniest and most awesome people in Affiliate Marketing. Ray and Dom. We headed to the famous German Markets in the centre of Leeds where I was forced ( 😉 ) to drink beer. I then repaid the favour with a few shots… Then Ray went off for a wee while and came back clasping 3 mugs with straws in them. What was inside was to be a most pleasant thing – Hot mulled wine, ameretto and lashings of cream on top. It was melt in the mouth, absolutely delicious stuff. In fact I may have drank more than just mine. I HATE mulled wine usually as I’m not a fan of nutmeg or cinnamon – but this was just divine! I would totally recommend drinking this to anyone who reads. I even managed to swipe a cup too – which is my new brew mug! I wanted to just plain steal it, but apparently Ray had put a £2.50 deposit on the cup. Bless him, he let me keep it! Thanks Ray!