Powercut Fun – 30,000 homes across Matlock, Darley Dale and Cromford all in darkness

It seems powercuts and me go hand in hand, no matter where I live, I seem to be followed by major powercuts. Or maybe powercuts are just more popular than I remember…
So yesterday afternoon, just before 1pm – everything went dark (well, less lit than usual for a weekday at midday) Apparently a massive explosion at a sub station in Winster caused a huge powercut that wiped out a considerable number of homes across Derbyshire, specifically my home village of Darley Dale.
The afternoon saw traffic lights not working, businesses closing and sending staff home, and a huge amount of candles being sold!!! Shops shut as those lovely automatic doors can’t function without electricity…
Firefighters faught the fire for a good few hours!
Tanks of fish died.
Freezers full of food went off.
Western Power Distribution went AWOL.

Almost 24 hours later and over 5000 homes are still without power!

I’m currently working from my Nan’s house, trying to get something productive done and to charge my phone!

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