Sammy And Keith In Plymouth – The Adventure – Part 1

After an un-eventful washout Valentines weekend, I was glad to see Monday. I had completely forgotten to text a good friend and wish him well on his gig, which I felt terrible about, had slept through the postman knocking on the door (note to self, fix doorbell and stop sleeping all the time!) I finally arose on the Saturday to find a card saying a postie had tried to wake me, and had something for me. That something turned out to be flowers, and I soon figured who they were from as only a few people have my address.

So a manic morning at work and the time came to go pick up Sammy and Keith from the station. I arrived on time, no thanks to some traffic along the way and a quick detour to pick my flowers up from the post office and put some petrol in the beast that is my car. I quickly nipped into the shop at the station to grab a curly wurly, and no sooner had I opened it and taken my first bite and there were my new houseguests.

We arrived back at mine and a shy little Sammy met Monkey then ventured upstairs where I had placed a sign on the spare room saying ‘Sammy’s Room’ and had used my limited art skills to put some pictures on it too. I had spent most of Sunday afternoon filling my spare room with all things girlie and had blown up 10 balloons saying ‘7’ (as she turned the grand old age of 7 on Valentine’s Day) I also got her a few pressies (from Monkey of course) so she felt at home. I had even gone as far as putting the spare TV and a few video’s in there.

The fridge was brimming with a plethora of scrummy food and drink and for Tea (Dinner to some) Sammy helped make cheesy pasta and proper garlic bread from scratch! Yummy! A few games of hide and seek and chase the feather (for Monkey) and it was time for bed!