Sammy And Keith In Plymouth – The Adventure – Part 2

The second day of the holiday began with making sandwiches. Sammy made some excellentt sarnies! And we packed into my car for a very excited hour drive to the Eden Project! We parked the car in car park – Plum 1 and headed to the shuttle bus. By this point we were bouncing off the walls with excitement!

Whilst in the que to pay, we were able to watch a weird puppet type show that shows how without plants, we are basically buggered. It amused me and Keith the most as the wooden man had what looked like a carpet in a certain area! You get your ticket and then you can register to get free entry for a whole year! Awesome!

We headed straight to the ice rink, I have skated a few times so managed to stay up, and even did a bit of backwards skating! Keith and Sammy however were virgin ice skaters so had a few slips! I took Sammy round a few times and it was brilliant, until my back started to give way!

After the ice skating we headed into the Mediterranean biome, which was awesome! Lots of lemon trees and funky plants to look at, and as an added bonus it wasn’t swelteringly hot in there either.

Then onto the rainforest biome, where the humidity was intense! We learned that banana’s do not grow on trees, they grow on herbs, or something! The plants and trees (and herbs) they have in there are incredible from massive trees to tiny delicate flowers, AWESOME!

We needed a break so headed down to the cafe for a banana beer and some cake (neither digested by me!) then headed up to the ‘Core’ which is basically an education centre.  There was a massive wall of fridge doors and magnets to play with and lots of touchy feely stuff to learn from. There was even a special table for making ‘potions’… They had laid out these jars and a selection of herbs and spices like marshmallow, juniper, lentils etc for you to make a potion, there were even teeny bits of paper with words on to put in for good luck too!

Off we trotted to the shop, potions in hand and Sammy had a go at candle dipping, and I have to say her candle was pretty fabulous! Back to the car for sarnies and a sleepy drive back!

Eden Project – 10/10