Sammy And Keith In Plymouth – The Adventure – Part 3

Day 3 saw us head off to the Aquarium. Unfortunately you can’t use your flash in their, so my pics are not brilliant! I love the aquarium as they have some amazing species in there! I managed to get a few piccies though;

We then went on to one of my fave places in Plymouth! The infamous Cap’n Jaspers for some fodder! Keith and Sammy shared a half yarder, which as you can see if massive!

We then went on to have a ponder around the Barbican (part of Plymouth) where we found ourselves in many tourist shops, including an Asian themed one which caused much amusement for a good 30 mins!

Keith and Sammy Kindly bought me a nice coaster that says ‘Hannah, From the Hebrew – god has favoured me – She is imaginative and creative, full of energy and life. She is a free spirit’ Not sure it’s all true, but it makes having a brew more interesting!