Sammy And Keith In Plymouth – The Adventure – Part 6

Off to Paignton Zoo we headed! An hour drive and we arrived fresh faced and grinning as the sun came out too! The zoo is pretty awesome, it’s separated into separate sections, rather than just a wander round. The signposts are not amazing, but we had fun anyway! One of the first animals we saw was the tiger which was pacing up and down literally 1 metre in front of me!

We saw so many amazing animals, including rhino, griaffe, elephant, zebra, monkey, crocodiles, snakes, fish, guinea pigs, actually, you name it, we saw it! It was nice to see a zoo that focused on the animals well being as all the cages we pretty well laid out and they seemed to have everything they needed in the cage or enclosure and it was big enough for them to do what they wanted!

Sammy liked the kids play areas the best and the train ride we went on! The shop was of course a must visit!

After the zoo we headed to visit Elise, who lives in a gorgeous house overlooking the river Dart. We went on a walk around the local area and I have to say, i managed it without killing myself, so the gym must be working! The views were stunning! Elise you lucky swine! Home time and we all nodded off!