Saturdays, mmmmm nice! Or Not!

Saturdays are all about lazing, so that is mainly what I have done today! Me and Monkey had a nice lie in then I got up ready to quickly shower before heading to the hairdressers. I booked the appointment the other night, and was told it would be free as I had only just had it cut! Bonus. I decided to take my card anyway, but at some point between leaving the house, getting in the car and arriving at the hair dressers it disappeared… Not a clue where it is but I have a terrible feeling it is time to clean my car out!

I got home ready for some lunch and whacked a tesco macaroni cheese (the light version) in the microwave! I got it out only to discover a hair in it, no not one of mine. BLEURGH! So I quickly threw that in the bin and had a bag of crisps instead! oops!

I then checked my bank to discover Vodafone had pinched almost £90 for my phone bill! Behave, no way did I spend that much! I rang them, primed with my shouty voice only to be told all their systems were down and they could not help. I went straight to their site and after some re-newing of forgotten passwords managed to access my account where I discovered the cheeky sods have been charging me for a data package I certainly did not ask for. I’m not sure whether this is breaking any t’s and c’s but they are in big trouble tomorrow when I call back!

I’m currently watching one of my fave films – Phantom of the Opera – whilst being attacked by Monkey!