Sideboard Unit For Sale, Plymouth

Yep, I’m selling some stuff! I have a sideboard display unit for sale, it’s great for storage and for displaying a few of your favourite objects. It has a fold down bureau desk and the ability to add lighting to the display shelves (with glass doors)

It’s a similar colour to a deep teak. It’s approx 6 foot tall and about 6 and a half feet long. about a foot wide (I can measure properly on request)

I may be able to deliver it, I have photo’s available on request and will happily take viewings.

I’m looking for around £85 for it but may knock a little off if you can pick it up.

I’ve had it 18 months now and am only getting rid of it due to a re-design of the living room! It’s been a complete godsend for me in terms of storage! It is in great condition.

*contents not included!*

Sideboard Display Unit For Sale big photo

If you or anyone you know fancies it, you let me know!