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Powercut in Plymouth 12/09/09 2am

Well, I was just nodding off to the TV at 2am when boom, off went the power! JOYS!!! Luckily I have a dongle that I use when travelling for work, so I managed to find it by the light of my laptop screen and plugged it in to search for a number to call. TWENTY yes 20 minutes later (and I work online) of sifting and calling and I EVENTUALLY found a number to call…

So if you are in Plymouth, Devon, Southwest etc etc and you need to speak to someone in a powercut call – 0800 052 0400

I spoke to a lovely Welsh lady who said there was an issue, took some of my details and said that 96 properties were currently affected. Not that any of them will notice as its half 2 in the morning, unless coming in from the local clubs!

She told me to go to bed and wait for morning, but i might stay up incase a sexy engineer needs me! xxx

Night all! Fingers crossed for the freezer!

EDIT – It’s now 2.54am and the power is back, I can finally go to bed without killing myself on the stairs! Hurrah! Only an hour of darkness, I was quite amused by 2/3 cars I heard leave the street or arrive and the drunken ‘discussions’ about the power! tee hee! No fit engineer came to see me though! :( bad times!

laters taters! xxx

EDIT 2 – just had a 30 second blip where it went again – 02.59! Stop disturbing my hairy bikers viewings!!! pesky electric

EDIT 3 – 3.25am and it went off for quite some time, i passed out with tiredness after about 4am, having got the candles out…

Everytime the electric went on or off it sounded like a gun shot in my house with the various fridges and boilers going on and off! pap nights sleep! :(