The Gym Experiment – Week 1 Results

I’m not spending a fortune for no reason at the gym! I’m a thrifty Northener at heart, so I decided to spend February monitoring weight loss and more importantly inch loss. I can already see a difference in my thighs and upper arms from my first months efforts but I wanted to be more scientific about February. So I took a number of measurements to see if there was a vast difference at the end of Feb. I’m female and shy so won’t reveal actual numbers but will give you the difference week on week.

1st Measurements
Taken at midnight, 03/02/09
2nd Measurements
Taken at 11pm (yes, an hour out but I’m pooped), 10/02/09

Weight (kg) – +1kg (doh!)
Upper Arm (cm) – -1cm (yay!)
Under Bust (cm) – Same (Phew!)
Bust (cm) – Same (Phew!)
Waist (cm) – -4cm (Hurrah!)
Hips (cm) – -2cm (Whoopie!)
Thigh (cm) – -2cm (Whoop!)
Calf (cm) – -2cm (Whoa Yeah!)

Just to be scientific, the measurements were taken with the same tape measure, in the same places on my body, and I used the same weighing scales (although I’m convinced they are broken!)

The results are interesting especially if I continue on the same path!

I just realised I forgot to measure my arse! Doh!