The More I Gym: The More I Hurt – WTF???

I don’t know if this is just because all the jokes I made about being my body slowly failing are coming true or what but I am aching, all day, everyday. The more I go to the gym the more everything hurts! That cannot be right, i hope! If it is true, I’m going back to being fat.

Last night for example, I went to my regular Monday Body Pump. I put my weights up considerably, and felt the burn. I even managed some weights on my neck for a short while whilst squatting before the pain got too much.

I then went onto a serious Body Combat session (ended up as 1 hour 15) It was super intense as there were 2 extra instructors along with Di. Sorry to say this but I had no clue what they were saying, it was like DJ (with Plymouth accent) on the mike disease took over them both! Anyway, it turns out that a lady who used my gym for years and was well loved passed away, so they let rip on us in ode to her.

After that a good 40 minute walk (2.01 miles) and off home.

I got in, and could not walk. I literally collapsed in a heap on the floor in agony, from my canckles to me knees – absolutely everything hurt. I tried getting Monkey (my cat) to help, but she didn’t understand the tears. I eventually got into bed and applied lashings of deep heat. I’m still in pain today, but I keep pushing forward, it’s all about a higher cause. Getting slim again!

Anyone else suffer, or is my body fooked?