The New Regime!

Having hit my mid 20’s (the grand old age of 25) I decided it was about time I left my student days behind and started living like an ‘adult’ – I also realised to help with the dodgy knees, I need to lose some weight. So here comes the new regime!

Up at 7.30 for a shower and breakfast (of the porridge variety)

Make lunch, go to work, eat salad, come home, house work, decent tea, bed early!

Rock and F-in Roll Baby Yeah!

So it lasted well for a week, then I got hit with a tummy bug, I’m now back on the regime and it seems to be paying off. I’m knackered all the time, hungry and miserable, but I do seem to have lost a pound or two. (can you sense the sarcasm)

I have to say, breaking a life long habit of sleeping in and getting ready for work in under 5 minutes is hard (My record is 3 mins from getting out of bed to getting in the car) – It’s about time I grew up though… NOT!

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