The Perfect Present

It started out as this mysterious facebook status…
It ended up like this…
The most amazing and unexpected thing happened today, the phone rang in the office to say there was a large parcel in reception and someone needed to pick it up, so as John had answered the phone, off he toddled to get the parcel. Thinking nothing of it I carried on with my day. A few minutes later and John arrives back in the office with a huge box. He headed over to my desk (there is a cupboardy thing next to it) and instead of putting it where i expected him too, he put it on my desk. Originally I just thought he was being funny, until I saw my name on it… I hadnt ordered anything, i wasnt expecting anything… confused!!!
I saw on the outside of the box who it was from and my initial thoughts were – is it really macdonalds? (private joke, whereby I had joked about being sent one in the post) I think my next words were “is it a man?”
It was like all my Christmasses had come at once, and usually i HATE suprises!!!
Whatever was inside was beautifully wrapped with pretty silver stars and sparkly paper and a note from Frank and Gem (the senders of the amazing gift) So, as i pulled gift after gift after gift out of the box, I said, this can’t all be for me can it? Mark (the boss man) informed me that it was all for me!!! BLIMEY
So just what was in the box you ask…
A HUGE box of jelly beans! 50 flavours!
jelly beans
See all the pretties, I did try them all, and will run further experiments to determine the best flavour 😉
jelly beans
A MASSIVE box of choccies!
I offered them around and look what happened!!!
thorntons chocolates
A box of dotty cookies! Just like me, abit dotty! mmn cookies! perfect for dunking!
dotty cookies
A bag of christmassy gingerbread men! nom nom nom, also good for dunking!
gingerbread men
A MAHOOSIVE jar of jelly sweeties. I may have made quite a dent on these!
My new favourite mug! perfect for the liquids to dunk the biscuits in mug
A bottle of Cherry Sourz! The best non rum spirit, and excellent with coke!
cherry sourz
A bottle of the finest spirit invented, from my spiritual home, Barbados
mount gay rum
I know! Never ending gift! It was like Mary Poppins’ bag! I’m not entirely sure what I did to deserve such an amazing and generous present. I’m still really shocked by it all. You ever feel like the word thankyou just isnt enough? That is how I feel now. Frank and Gem are the kindest, nicest people in the industry who are sickeningly in love. They are soul mates who have a beautiful family and now I sound like a right loon! I’m really touched by the gift, especially since I found out you started it weeks ago! Sneakily finding out all my favourite things (Gem)!!!

So once again, thanks to Frank and Gem of