The Travelodge of DOOM

Now I’m no snob but even I like things to be clean! My recent stay at a Manchester Travelodge was well… less than clean. I can’t fault the room size, it was mahoosive, and after asking a few others, it seems all the room sizes were massive, which begs the question who designed the rooms, as its seems a few extra could of been squeezed in with some re-jigging, anyway I digress…
Massive room below;
massive travelodge room

So I enter the room, and after travelling all I want to do is put my bags down and ‘powder ones nose’ however the toilet was erm, shall we say ‘stained’ and the rest of the room wasn’t much better.

There were;
Fag burns on the carpets and sofa
Dirt on the carpets and sofa
Dirty cups
mouldy shower curtain

Not only that but the room was like a furnace and the bed left alot to be desired, creaky and bumpy and overly bouncy. Not great for one’s back you see!

The best of all was this;
minging bathroom travelodge
What it was i dont know, i tried to put it down the plug hole but it came back, bigger!!!

So on the morning of my birthday when I awoke, i was grumpy and unclean, preparing to travel to Edinburgh. A nice breakfast will sort me out… or so i thought…

No sausage, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomato, milk for cereal or coffee, so i ate egg on toast. Clarke had coco pops with no milk! highly disappointing!

When i told the girl at reception about my room she said “sorry, you should have let us know last night!” well, i dropped my stuff and went straight out, and got in late… derrr