The World’s Longest Roadtrip In A Proton

A few weeks, or is it months ago now I went to the Arcane Festival in Oxfordshire, which ended up as a major tour of some of the UK. I plotted the vague route on Google maps which says 512 miles and 9 hrs 26mins… Now, I may have had a few accidental detours which are not plotted, like turning the wrong way on the motorway from the festival… or reading a sign wrong and driving through london, but shhh… we wont mention that!journey
So leg 1 of the journey:-
Into town to change a dress, from town straight onto the festival. The rain was pouring down and being a Saturday the traffic was manic! In fact the traffic was sooo bad it took me 3 hours to get 100 miles. Luckily I had purchased food and sweets to keep my occupied, although after the 3 hours, it had pretty much all gone!
I eventually arrived at the festival a good 2 hours later than planned, and with just my luck, a dead sat nav, that decided to die just as I really needed it. (my cigarette lighter in my car doesn’t work, so no before you ask, I couldn’t just plug it in). The festival was awesome, I was even found with my ref’s whistle bopping away and tooting! Although the rain came, it didn’t put too much of a dampner on things!
Leg 2 of the journey:-
Arcane to Aylesbury. The next morning I got my car and headed off to Aylesbury to see my closest friend. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so decided as i was so close, i should suprise her! I turned the wrong way getting on the motorway, so had a small detour, and with no sat nav was paying real attention to the road signs. I got there in on bit and loved a good brew and a natter!
Leg 3 of the journey:-
Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead. As I was once again so close to some dear friends, I decided to nip and see them, so 20 minutes in the proton and I arrived at their house, completely by suprise. Their faces were a real picture! Ha ha ha! A few soft drinks and another catch up later and i headed to maccy d’s for a spot of din din’s.
Leg 4 of the journey:-
Hemel to Isleworth. This is a journey i have made a number of times, yet for some reason my inner navigator took me on a real mental journey. Instead of getting on the M4 or M40 i took the wrong bloody raod and ended up tramping through West London in the traffic totally unaware of where I was. I finally ended up at the right place to meet yet another few friends for a coke and a few games of pool (i lost!) I finally decided to call it a night as I still had a tremendous journey ahead of me!
The final Leg home:-
Tiredness doesnt touch how pooped I was driving home, but luckily the roads were clear so with the radio on and my eyes sagging, a few hours later I made it home, and promtly passed out.

I had such a great and really needed weekend with my closest friends and although I was shattered for a good few days after it, I would deffo do it again.

And… best of all, the sexy proton held out for me! go proton!