Today I Ran, For The First Time (311 Days To Go)

Today was judgement day, I had booked in with a personal trainer at the gym – it was time to face my fears and start a programme of training for the Marathon. I have been swimming to get some use from my membership but it was time today to get on that treadmill.

Running is a strange thing, especially when you haven’t done it before – I think there is a certain Psychology to it; a fear of looking like a right plank mostly! I have always thought of myself as really heavy footed and had fears of me running sounding like elephants charging. This article sums up so well how difficult it can be facing your fears in the gym if you have curves. (Thanks Shane for sharing that on Facebook)

Anyways, in I went to the PT session and found the guy was actually amazingly considerate and understanding. I did run, but in my own time (with gentle persuasion) OK I didn’t run for long or for a massive distance (just over 400m) but I did it, and now have a confidence that I can do it, and will do it again. I have a set programme for the next few weeks to get my legs used to running, then I’ll be upping the anti and trying for longer amounts of time and distance. The PT also said nearer the time he’ll take me out on planned routes running to get me used to the run of the Marathon.

Endorphins still spinning round my body and I’m on top of the world, I ran, something I NEVER do! And my fitness levels are pretty decent – no excuses now – 311 days to go!

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