Vulcania – The Volcano Amusement Park!

Yes Yes, I know – weird blog title! My lovely Mum recently sent me this website to look at – with the promise of a trip there next year. Next year is officially toooooo far away!

So what is Vulcania?

In 1992, the Auvergne Regional Council decided to launch a science park and a museum of volcanism and implement it in the heart of the Puys in the territory of the Regional Park (former military area of 57 ha). (Google translation at it’s best)

Basically it’s a theme park – about VOLCANOES!!! Amazing!

My idols growing up, and to now were a lovely couple called Maurice and Katia Krafft, who perished whilst doing they job they loved. They were vulcanologists who took that extra step in education and started making films about volcanoes. In fact, much of the footage you still see today was filmed by this daring pair. They took science to the developing countries, warning those who lived near volcanoes not only of the dangers, but of the magnificent beauty. They taught them what to do should a volcano erupt and much much more. Dedicated to volcanoes and with a passion for life, they inspired me along with many others to educate.

It’s 20 years since they passed away on the slopes of a volcano, on the June 3rd 1991 at 3:18 pm they died, swept away by a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen, on the island of Kyushu, Japan. To celebrate their life and what they did for volcanologists, Vulcania have opened an exhibition in their honour!

Personally I cannot wait to go, and for the rest of you geology geeks out there, you can thank Mother Swift for digging this one out!