What A Shocker! I Can’t Thank You All Enough!

Wow. It’s a whole two days later and I still haven’t quite realised what happened, or rather it just hasn’t sunk in yet! I cannot believe I won the award. I’m sitting here trying to write this blog post and I can’t quite put my feelings into words. I had convinced myself prior to the awards that someone else was going to win and I was so chuffed for that person as I really felt they deserved it, so to get more votes than them and the others in my category is truly astounding! *shakes head in utter disbelief*

I didn’t plan a thankyou/acceptance speach so here goes (insert Gwyneth Paltrow tear here);

I have to thank Mark and Bruce – for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime when they offered me my job and for putting up with me on a daily basis!
Chris Clarkson – for sending me to Barbados, without which I would never have stayed in this industry.
Joe Connor – for talking to me about the industry and persuading me it was full of decent people after all. See previous post on subject here.
Lee McCoy, Tom Quinn and Naomi Brown – for giving me life long ‘Team Fun’ friendships and for all the advice through the past year
Keith Bond and Martin Warn – for just being nice genuine guys and keeping me awake at 2am when struggling with html!
Karel Ellis-Gray and Red Barrington – for being my laughter providers through the day and being two of my closest mates
Darren Newmark – for just being Darren
Kirsty – for not being as scary as I thought when first meeting her, she was my idol (almost asked for her autograph) and for providing amusing spider stories.
Jason and Jude – Get a room, thanks for amusing me on twitter!
Julie H – ohh the stories! thanks for the rum! and keeping the champers cold in the bidet!
Jason and John – for being hilarious piss takers – yes, i ‘misplaced’ my car
All my clients – for just being good sports!
Jay – for being rubbish at your job so i got given it 😉
J Lil and the AF guys – for giving me drunken moments and letting me go back to Barbados
The Network Staff – for dealing with my frequent stupid questions
Frank and Gem – for being the nicest most loved up people i know
Matt Rand – for learning the trade with me, study buddies!
My friends and family – for bless their hearts trying to understand what I do for a living!
The Bristol lot – for letting me feel their baby bumps, sending me jokes and singing Wurzels songs with me and for playing fun fun fun when i collected my award
George – for breif yet insightful discussions on affy marketing and for being such a gentleman.
Max, Neil, Dom, Frostie, Kieron, Elaine, Dave, Dan (discount shopping – forgot your last name!) Dirk, Jesse, Neil M, James A, Zak and Graham, Clarke, Shane, Ray, Natty, Di, Ian, Mark and Julie Pearson, Mikeeeyyyy for being inspirational, role models, laughter provokers and good people. (I know I forgot people, but it’s late!)

Most of all to all of you who took the time to vote for me, I cannot thank you enough, it means so much that I was shaking on stage with tears in my eyes. I am humbled and honoured to receive an award like this. It means all the late nights, bags under my ears and moments of pulling my hair out were noticed! lol

Those of you who know me know that I am very shy really and very self critical, so I am still not convinced I should of won, but I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means so much. Annnnnnnd, I get a new shiny thing for my desk and got to meet Jason Manford!!! whoop!

oh and Phil, coz he told me too