Why Are We Fat???

Lot’s of TV programmes about being fat at the mo, fat gene’s eh??? FTO Variants basically mean you will probably get fat, well, more that you can’t stop eating. Apparently there are 8 main obesity gene’s but the FTO variant is the strongest. It’s interesting to see the reasons behind people’s eating behaviours.

I studied human evolution at Uni, in fact I did a major project on the fundmental flaws of the human body, and where predators were once our biggest threat, it seems we are now eating ourselves to death.

We don’t have to hunt our food – because we are no longer out there hunting our own food, and suffering through patches of food scarcity, we don’t value food anymore. Instead we over indulge and eat eat eat.

We don’t work outside – Most of us are stuck in office jobs with a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and biscuits. You don’t see farm labourers supping on a brew all day now do you?

Parenting – When I was a kid (Note to self, still ‘technically’ young at 23) I had no choice but to sit at the table and eat properly. We no longer sit round the table to eat. When round the table you sit and talk, slowing down the rate at which you eat. Your stomach gets fuller, the more slowly you eat.

So bring on the fresh food, eat slowly and get down the gym!!!

I always swore blind I would never go to a gym, but actually, despite putting on some weight (and no, it cant all be muscle!!!!) I am noticing a difference, am seeing regular people so have some other mental stimulation in the day other than the cat (sorry monkey but politics isn’t your strongest point). It gets the adrenaline pumping and I always leave ready to face the world!

I SHALL BE SKINNY ONCE MORE (oh and fit and healthy – yadda yadda)